6 Steps to Practice Wim Hof Method More Precisely

Off late the wim hof method has been a growing cult among health-conscious people. In modern era having indulged in busy schedule people miss out their daily exercises and hence lead to physical imbalance. Sometimes we wonder if there were any easier and quick approach towards a healthy body. Now your search ends with this method.

The main attraction of this method is that people who are crazy busy with their daily life even they can practice this method. It can be done anywhere be it the elevator, cab, office, or anything.

So, is this method capable of making you superhuman?

You may not be dressed like super human. But, surely your body system will work wonder and you’ll be able to enjoy life at its fullest. The method mainly works under these 6 steps. Once you’re done with this, you’ll have your own judgement if you can call yourself a superhuman or not.

Step one: pick a comfortable place

The primary focus of this method is to find a place where you feel comfortable. This is the reason why many of the wim hof student’s practice remotely. Choosing a place is important for restraining yourself from daily hustle and chaos. You can practice this method while you’re sitting or lying down. But, never practice this while you’re standing or driving.

Step two: take deep breath

After you find a comfortable position, the process starts with taking deep breath 30 times. You’ve to breath slowly in with your nose and exhale with your mouth. While you inhale feel the rise in your belly and while you exhale feel the fall in your belly. If you’re doing it for the first time you may experience certain tingling in our whole body but this is absolutely normal sensation.

Step three: Hold the breath

Once you are done with deep breathing exhale completely and sit for a while without taking any breath. You can record the time of your breathing retention and track your progress over the time if you’re practicing wim hof method on a regular basis. Don’t force yourself in this process.

Step four: Inhale and hold

Once you’re done with the retention process, inhale deeply and hold it again for 10-15 seconds before you exhale.

Step five: Repeat

Repeat the whole process from 1 to 4 for three times and track your progress each time you do.

Step six: Meditation

Once you’re done with the breathing process meditate for five to ten minutes depending upon your level of awareness. Try to focus on the point between the eyes while you meditate.


If you want to experience a superhuman system in your body, then try this wim hof method kurs . You’ll wonder to see the benefits of it. This doesn’t take much of your valuable time. You can practice it anytime and anywhere once you know the process.