How to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2019?

buy Microsoft Office 2019

With Microsoft increasing its offerings for its customers, you are in luck! Office 2019 is a significant development in the earlier Office versions, and the corporation expects a beeline of dedicated users willing to buy Microsoft Office 2019. Let’s get a few insights on how to upgrade your current Office version to the latest Microsoft Office 2019.

A plethora of upgrade options:

Your Microsoft Office version’s upgrade options differ depending on the type of Microsoft Office you are presently using in your system. You could be deterred by the Microsoft Office 2019 price and opted to go with a non-subscription version. On the other hand, dedicated users could buy an Office version or already have access to the original Microsoft 365.

In this regard, it is immensely essential to realize that your earnestness to buy Windows 10 Pro does not guarantee the Office 2019 or other versions of the Microsoft Office. The standard Office versions are sold separately.

Upgrade options for non-subscription or one-time purchase versions:

If you possess a non-subscription or a one-time purchase version of the Microsoft Office, you need to buy the latest version of the Office 2019 before you can go for an upgrade. You can wish to buy Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Student or the Home & Business non-subscription versions.

The only con with this one-time purchase version is that you can install it in a single device, and you will get security updates and fixes only till the support period lasts. The Microsoft Office 2019 price for its Home & Student version costs 289.99 USD for the one-time purchase version.

Conversely, you can look to purchase the Microsoft Office 365. The Personal and Family variants of Office 365 cater to a single user and a family, respectively. Office 365 is feature-loaded with the latest improvements, security updates, cloud-connected features, additional 1 Tb storage on OneDrive, and in-sync features with Office mobile applications.

Upgrade recommendations for your Office versions:

Once you are ready with the latest versions of Office, you need to go through specific upgrade recommendations to install it in your device successfully.

  • System requirements:

Your computer or your device needs to cater to the system requirements and be compatible with the latest versions of Office before you leap to buy Microsoft Office 2019.

  • Uninstalling the previous versions:

If your device contains an earlier version of Office installed in it and runs the Microsoft Office Setup program, the former version automatically gets removed. But if you encounter errors or complications during the installation of the latest Microsoft Office 2019 version, an uninstall of the previous version is imperative.

Relevant information:

If you are uninstalling the earlier Office before installing the 2019 version, your Office files will not be deleted. But if the previous version contains Microsoft Outlook, you can back up the relevant Outlook files in your device.

In case of PC:

For a PC, if you wish to run multiple versions of Office, including the newest Office 2019, simultaneously, do the necessary research and see which versions are compatible to operate together on the same device.

In the case of Mac:

For a Mac, uninstalling an older version of the Office before installing the latest one is not sufficient. You need to remove the older Office versions’ licenses after you have installed the latest Office 2019 version on your Mac.

Going forward with the installation of the latest version:

You have either decided to buy Microsoft Office 2019 non-subscription version or the latest subscription version. When you are ready and have fulfilled the above requirements, download and install the Office 2019 you have. Get ready to enjoy unlimited offerings after this much-needed Office upgrade!

Upgrade options for Office 365 versions:

The Microsoft Office 2019 price for Office 365 Personal is 69.99 USD, whereas the Office 365 Family version is 79.99 USD. With the Office 365 Family, you can get a one month free trial period and a myriad of premium apps.

Microsoft 365 for domestic subscription:

The Office 365 Personal or Family variants for domestic subscription will offer you the latest upgraded version and enable you to enjoy the premium and classic apps’ newest features. If you cannot enjoy the latest updates, look for Office updates on PC or Mac, depending on your operating system’s configuration. You can also toggle between the Family and Personal subscriptions.

Microsoft 365 for business usage:

If you are running a business enterprise and possess the Office 365 Personal or Family variants for your work or school use, you are already in for a joyride with features! The Microsoft Office 365 gives you access to the latest versions of the Office, provided it is up-to-date. If you are lagging with updates on specific features or apps, you can check for updates depending on whether you operate a PC or a Mac.

Still, if you are not getting specific updates, do not make an impulsive decision and buy Windows 10 Pro. It does not have anything good to do with the Office 365 updates. One possibility is that the admin is restricting the updates until they are checked against other programs and add-ins used in your organization.

Summing up your Office up-gradation experience:

Whatever version of Office you are presently utilizing, an upgrade to the latest Microsoft Office 2019 version is possible. Microsoft has made it easy to buy Microsoft Office 2019 or upgrade earlier versions of the same for the user.

Get going with a plethora of immersive choices with your latest Office version installed!