Web Development Trends 2021 for Startups

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It cannot be argued that technology is undergoing some kind of change almost every single day, so kind of a new trend is being introduced into the market and is affecting the existing companies in different ways. The primary function of a web development company, whether it is of a small or a large scale, is to stay updated about the latest trends and adapt to them as they come.

The industry of web application development is a vicious race, in which even a tiny carelessness can take your company all the way behind. So you need to make sure that you are doing everything that you need to, for staying relevant in the market. In the present time, where your online presence is the most proper introduction to your company. It can also turn into a make or break situation. For instance, if you are planning to do business with a completely new client, then having a professional website for your company is extremely crucial to the kind of reaction you want him to have about your company

Now to talk about web application development trends, while it is true that trends are changing rapidly, it also means that the old ones are becoming outdated, and if you are following the latest ones, it also automatically means that you need to give up the old ones, because they become cliched, and still following those may not bring you any kind of profit, as far as your business is concerned.

According to the recent statistics about web development, it has been observed, that around 38% of the visitors to your website, will stop engaging with it in any way because he is not attracted to the content or design of the website, or maybe he recognises the fact that your particular website lacks the inclusion of the latest tools.

Being the owner of a web development company means that you have an official website, which is intuitive and creates curiosity among the visitors and potential clients.

The main purpose of this article is to inform you in details about the web application development trends that will help you maintain a web development company properly and constantly so that you do not fall behind in the competition. So let us dive in.

List of the Latest Web Development Trends

The standards of development are evolving constantly, which is the reason why developers all around the world need to remain alert all the time so that they can update themselves accordingly. Following are a few such web application development trends:

  • Dark Mode

Well, you never thought that this is going to be the first one on the list. However, surprisingly, it is one of the most popular ones. Dark-mode in a website is in extremely high demand, and this has come into existence in the year 2020, and with the arrival of 2021, this particular trend is going to be even more popular. As far as the utility of this mode goes, this mode is immensely easy on the eyes of the viewer. It also makes all the other coloured elements on the website, pops out, which gives the website an overall attractive look. The dark mode also provides the webpage with a higher contrast ratio, which is instantly pleasing to the eye of the viewers and also reduces the strain upon their eyes.

Sometimes, a webpage that looks stunning visually can have a greater impact on the viewers, rather than one, which is full of valuable content. Visitors, will not even take the time to go through the content on your website if they do not find it enticing at first glance. This will also act as an added advantage for you, as when you decide to modify your website in the future, as far as the design goes, the dark mode will fit in perfectly with all the latest web application development trends.

  • 3d design elements

Presence of 3d visuals have always been impressing viewers all around the world, however, until now, the factors that have been stopping it from reaching its full potential is technology. Developers did not have access to technology, which could have been used to successfully implement smooth 3d elements into a website. It has been reported by so many popular brands, that incorporating 3d visuals has resulted in drastically increased traffic.

Developers are making attempts to make sure that a viewer is completely engrossed into your website when they come across it. This trend is crucial if you have the future of your company in mind, as a large amount of traffic will mean that you will get more projects from potential clients in the future.

  • The Approach of Mobile-first

The adaptability of websites has not been a common practice even in the recent past. However, nowadays it has become a compulsory trend which is in high demand because users are used to it. This is your responsibility to make sure that your website is created in such a way so that people continue to stay interested in it.

In the case of mobile versions of your website, you need to make sure that it runs as smoothly on a mobile device as it does the website version. This is important because viewers and clients should receive a different experience the moment they shift to a handheld device. This has become an extremely popular trend, because nowadays, a person even though does not view something on a desktop screen, does have constant access to their mobiles. Following this trend will surely make sure that you can reach to the most number of people, through your website.


The above blog provides you with ample information about the web application development trends, that are already popular and are going to have an even deeper impact in the year 2021. You need to have a strong online presence in order to grow your business. The best you can make sure that these trends are followed to spend money on web development services. When you choose to hire web developers, it will be their duty to update your website regularly and without fail.