5 Scams of Android Spy Apps – How to Avoid?

A recent report shows that spy apps for android are defaming by some scams. Experiencing a scam provider will not let the user avail services from the next one as it causes trust issues. No one wants to give sensitive detail to the wrong hands. Such online Threats stop the audience from buying tracking services. 

Cybersecurity is the main reason that does not allow people to trust online spy app providers. 

First, We Should Know What Happens When You Get Exposure to a Scam Company. 

1 – When a user fills a form for registration, he/she gives sensitive information, including name, address, credit card number, banking details, etc. Providing such data to fake claimers will result in financial loss, or data loss, etc. 

2 – A user gets inefficient tracking services when he/she buy a license from a fake provider. 

3 – A user should follow a complicated process if he/she had believed fake claims, such as spy on android phones without touching it. It is a false statement as we need to install third-party apps to access the target phone.

4 – Such providers claim to provide all operating system OS-compatible apps. 

The above outcomes show how interaction with scam companies can get you involved in serious problems. That’s why we have come with 5 Fake statements details that will help you to choose a reliable platform. 

5 Scams of Android Spy App 

1 – Compatible to All Phones

2 – Completely Free of Cost 

3 – Spy Software via Bluetooth 

4 – Access Target Phone via Phone Number 

5 – Spy on Target Phone without Touching it

Let’s Get into Details:

1 – Compatible to All Phones

When a user visits a random website, he/she often read the advertisement that claims to get spy software for all phone or operating system OS. It ensures that this is a fake company and using such fake statement to trap the users. Internet connection is the basic requirement to access a phone, and it shows this is not possible to target every device with a spy app. 

2 – Completely Free of Cost 

The most common scams of mobile spy apps to catch user attention is free services. Well, no provider will give you tracking services without money. If you ever go through such a platform, never click on the login button. 

3 – Spy Software via Bluetooth 

Have you ever read a statement about accessing a phone via Bluetooth anywhere? Yes, you can spy on android phones via Bluetooth but in short-range. Many companies do not refund so, always make sure if a company claims to access the target device via Bluetooth. 

4 – Access Target Phone via Phone Number 

Only authentic departments have access to check a location via phone number. We watch films and also see how cops have their system to access the criminal’s areas using their numbers. A user must install the android spy app to monitor the target phone. 

5 – Spy on Target Phone without Touching it

The most popular scam that is defaming the spy companies says, “access the target phone without touching it”. Many websites have such ads where they claim remote tracking. Never fall into someone’s trap because it is impossible to access an Android phone without installing a spy app. 

TheWiSpy – Most Powerful and Reliable Android Spy App

In this era, a user should not click on the purchase button until he/she make sure about its reliability. To reduce your search efforts, we have come to TheWiSpy android spy app, which does not believe in scams and provides only valid and quality services. It empowers the user to spy on android phony remotely. But physical access is its first requirement for app installation in the target phone. 


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  2. Wi-fi logger
  3. Voices 
  4. Hack Contacts
  5. Videos
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Now It’s Your Turn to Prevent Yourself from Such Scams and Enjoy Spy Services from An Authentic Provider, like TheWiSpy!