5 reasons why you should learn to play the Piano

Piano is one of the most intriguing instruments. Its melodious sound is a treat to the ears. Piano is considered to be an integral part of any band or orchestra. Learning to play the piano can be a great addition to your music repertoire since it is an interesting instrument with a very wide range. 

Here are some reasons why you should join a piano lesson today. 

     1. It is a versatile instrument 

You can play almost any song on your piano. It comes with a full range of notes. You can learn to play any genre on the instrument. It also helps you to understand music theory better since you learn to play a variety of music on just one instrument. 

     2. It improves your coordination

To master songs and tunes on the piano you need to have excellent eye hand coordination. There are multiple steps involved in the playing of the piano. You have to focus on the notes and placements of keys at the same time. Some complex melodies require you to use your hands in two different directions playing different notes. Therefore, playing piano can be beneficial for you if you are looking to improve your focus and coordination. 

     3. It helps to reduce stress

Music is known to have a relaxing effect on our brains. Playing an instrument can have similar effect on us. Learning to play any instrument can be a great stress reliever. You can use your music in any way you want. It can be your way of venting our emotions or expressing your emotions. Either ways it helps you to get rid of any tension or pent up emotions that you might have. 

     4. Enhances reading skills

Music notes are expressed in symbols. To play the piano you need to read those symbols and play the keys at the same time. It requires you to quickly decode the next note so that there are no gaps in between your tune or song. As a result, it improves your overall reading speed and you can grasp meaning of sentences quicker since it trains your brain in such a way. 

     5. It is a wonderful addition to your personality

Music brings everyone together and it is a great way of entertaining and impressing your loved ones. Piano is a majestic instrument and being able to play it surely adds to your self confidence and boosts your self-esteem. It is also a great talking point of your personality. Whenever you meet someone new this aspect pf your personality can help you break the ice. In fact, studies suggest that people who learn to play instruments are more sensitive towards others. Therefore, learning the piano can give a total makeover to your personality and give you that edge which helps you to stand out. 

These were some of the benefits of taking piano lessons. If you love music and are intrigued by the instrument then you should definitely give it a chance. Taking proper piano lessons ensures that you are on the correct path of becoming an impeccable pianist. So, what are you waiting for?Go grab your piano and embark on your musical journey.