Online Grocery Shopping to Drive E-commerce Growth Further in Next Quarter


The shift in habits, a change in culture, and a difference in how we live do not happen very fast. But the Pandemic has gently moved us away from our existing ways of life, and people have named it the New Normal. In this attempt to change ourselves, we change the ways of many industries and how they function. Ecommerce has allowed us to shop online for many items, expensive or inexpensive, but never groceries. During the pandemic lockdown and the aftermath, customers have resorted to the online grocery shopping process.

Pandemic made grocery shopping a reality. Groceries were directly transported to the doorstep of the consumers, after the initial phase of complete lockdown was announced, leading to an increase in online grocery shopping!

In this process, Ecommerce found many new customers who were ready to engage in online grocery shopping. If the population started shopping for groceries, which has hundreds of products under its umbrella, one could imagine an increase in online grocery shopping and for the quarter ended June 2020(Q1), and that’s exactly what happened. 

But the real surge in online grocery shopping came about only in Q2, which happened specifically between July and September 2020. There is enough evidence to suggest that the spike in the online grocery shopping process had started well before quarter two, and grocery shopping online was mostly responsible for that. The continuing sale also indicated that the drive was found to increase in July to September, thus justifying the statement grocery store online shopping would drive quarter 2.

The very fact that Gen Z and Baby Boomers are trying to switch to online grocery shopping along with many living in rural areas is proof enough.

Would This Trend of Purchasing Groceries online last?

Any trend would change. The current scenario, however, would take a year with vaccines being discovered. People are not dining in restaurants, and that means more grocery shops online

As a consumer, with such precautions adhered to by the physical shops, grocery shopping should be back with them. The truth is that this has not happened and would not happen in the next quarters to follow, as there are reasons why there could be an increase in online grocery shopping from online stores.  

Regions are experiencing the most growth – and why

Online shippers target customers to buy from them through various promotions, offers, and advertisements. The good thing is, people have accepted online grocery shopping. You can choose a reputed online grocery shop, like Desertcart, to fulfill your needs. Almost all have resorted to buying through the online grocery shopping process as it does not permit them to go elsewhere.

Here are some pointers that indicate that grocery store online shopping is the trend:

  1.  At least 33 % of the population have admitted to having ordered groceries at least once and for the first time in the previous month.
  2.  Latin America and North America emerge as toppers in grocery store online shopping, ever since the pandemic started.

With experience comes wisdom as a shopper for grocery shops online in the second quarter of 2020have become conscious of the products they are about to purchase. 

It is well known that America, Columbia, and Argentina registered maximum deaths due to COVID-19, which has influenced 33 percent of Internet users to order groceries online. 

Europe, apart from the UK, had varying patterns. Italy, Spain, and France, where the coronavirus cases were far more, did not experience the surge in online grocery sales, with less than 20% shopping online. However, online grocery shopping increased by 20% approximately within a single quarter. 

In the Asia-Pacific region countries (APAC), there has been a reduction of such online grocery shoppers as a significant percentage was already shopping in that style well before the pandemic arrived.

Would online grocery stores last forever?

Although the coronavirus has led to a more significant part of customers shopping online, it is not even clear if this pattern will expand beyond the re-construction of normalcy and a vaccine to everyday life – no matter how far away it might be. 

Growth wave in E-commerce

It is indeed a prestigious moment for Amazon, as they set foot into their twenty-fifth year.

It is almost certain now that Groceries would push up the trend for the next quarter. It is not groceries alone, but the combination of health and auto industry too may add on since opportunities exist.   The combination of all three resulted in 44% of retail sales in the US alone.

Online grocery shopping delivery

Shoppers share:

While online spend on groceries remains relatively low, the number of people who have tried a digital grocery service is far higher.

In 2019, given that most customers purchased groceries and food items, online shopping constituted 23.4% of all shopping sales. The reason is that all these customers purchased it just a few times and preferred their offline stores. An even more detailed study shows that these irregular customers were shopping for a few items only.

The best online grocery shopping sites: 

Found below are the top six sites which cater to your online grocery shopping and delivery.

As the pandemic surges on, these online grocery shopping sites are bound to contribute to the next quarter.

1) Desertcart:

 Desertcart Rated as the best ecommerce website all over the Middle East, the idea of desertcart was laid in 2015. It brings all of the MENA region accessories, including groceries a

2) Peapod: Peapod is an offspring of the Shopping Giants ‘ Shop & Stop and is one of the popular online grocery shopping sites. You can spot all the discounts and coupons and use them and complete your online grocery shopping and delivery.

3)  Shipt: Shipt is perhaps the most widespread grocer. They are nearing presence in 300 cities and have retailers like CVS, Target, etc. Shipt charges $ 99.00 every year as a membership fee.

If you shop for a minimum of $ 35 .00, delivery is free with Shipt. Such privileges can be availed for online grocery shopping and delivery with Shipt.

4) Thrive Market: Pay $ 60.00 per annum and become a member of Thrive. This would allow you to shop in Thrive with very innovative schemes, packings, special online grocery shopping delivery, etc. In addition to this, you have brands of Thrive which belong to them. Free delivery is ensured once the grocery bill exceeds $ 49.00.

5) Instacart: Instacart does not insist on membership but still allows you to order from many different online grocery shopping sites belonging to them simultaneously.

Instacart provides you with an attendant exclusively who would give you personalized service online and the option of delivery vests with you. In case you choose to pick it up, there are no extra costs, thereby avoiding online grocery shopping delivery charges.


As the passage above illustrates, enterprises, both medium and small, are entering into selling grocery online. There is no doubt that online grocery shopping would increase till the pandemic threat is over. As of now, grocery shopping online is bound to increase the E-Commerce further up in the next quarter.