5 Things You Never Knew About Hyundai’s Cars

5 Things You Never Knew About Hyundai's Cars
5 Things You Never Knew About Hyundai's Cars

Hyundai isn’t particularly popular in the United States, where the market is dominated by GM, Ford and Chrysler. However, Hyundai’s cars do offer a lot. They’re very common to spot in Canada and Europe and South Asian markets like India, thanks to their reliability. The brand has been making steps to make itself appealing in the EV market as well. They’ve also been using some of the latest technology in their cars. However, a part of its history isn’t known to many. We unveil a few surprising facts about Hyundai as a brand.

1) The construction business

This can be rather surprising to many. Hyundai cars started out as a construction company in South Korea, in 1947, by a man named Chung Ju-Yung. He took on massive contracts like the Gyeongbu Expressway. He very quickly became one of the wealthiest men in his country. However, in 1967, it became Hyundai Motors, which eventually lead to fame and power. The company still manufactures construction machines for the modern times.

2) Fluidic design

Hyundai’s approach to designing cars has been rather different from other car companies. Their signature ‘fluidic sculpture’ is applied on all their models. The designers get their inspiration from the curve of a wave. Hyundai’s cars really look the part with their sharply sculpted panels, that give them a distinctive look. These cars are definitely nothing short of art.

3) Meaning of Hyundai

The logo, on first appearance, looks like a stylishly curved and slated ‘H’. But it carries a lot of meaning. It signifies a salesman shaking hands with a content customer after a successful purchase. The slant towards the right shows the customers how Hyundai makes them the priority. The logo emphasizes on how company puts trust before everything.

4) Lithium plays a part too

Hyundai has a lot of hybrid vehicles in their line-up, and this proves that they have their sights set on the future. Hyundai is leading from the forefront in terms of its lithium batteries. While other manufacturers use standard lithium-ion batteries, Hyundai incorporates lithium polymer batteries in their EVs. These batteries are lighter and have a longer life, putting Hyundai ahead of the others.

5) Testing Grounds

All car brands have their personalized testing tracks and centers. Hyundai has what is called the ‘Proving Ground’ at an abandoned airbase in the Mojave desert. It’s 4300 acres worth of land, and the company tests all its products on various roads – right from rocky terrains to centers that help deal with different temperatures. This testing can prove to be quite dangerous however, and there are lots of leftovers at the facility. Also, read the latest car comparisons, only at autoX.