12 Romantic Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Gift Ideas

If you are shopping for gifts for your lady love; we suggest you not go down the practical lane and give some functional gifts like coffee mugs, crockery, bedsheets. These ideas are great for your mom and dad, siblings, even friends but not for the love of your life. For your girlfriend, only romantic gifts. Again, if you think it will come out as cheesy, then scroll down the list. Here is everything from the edibles to pampering kits to self-care tokens all that will be loved by her as much as she loves you.

  1. Scented Soap Rose: Bubble baths with girlfriend are quite romantic. For such regular experience, give your girlfriend a box of rose-scented soaps. Sprinkle red rose petals in the tub, then enjoy your bath with these rose-scented pink soap with her. We bet this bath would be different from any of those you ever had with your girl. 
  2. Body Care Essentials: Tell her to take care of her body by gifting a basket full of body care essentials. Pack in body oil, body lotion, body exfoliating scrub along with some lipsticks, nail paints, body mist. Get the basket nicely decorated because girls get excited to receive gifts in beautiful packing. Have roses or notes inside the basket that she can keep with herself for long. 
  3. Love Language Card Game: Your love game has already started with your girlfriend a long time back. Now is the time to deepen your love language with her over a deck of conversation cards. It’s a pack of 150 questions to take your love to the next level. 
  4. Foot Spa and Pedicure Set: If you really want to show her that you care for her, give her a foot bath with a heated bubble massage so she can enjoy salon experience from the comforts of her home. Also, this gift will ensure she can get her feet pedicured as and when she wants without having to make appointments. 
  5. Truth or Dare Couple Challenger: Steam up the things in your relationship with a gift of truth and dare couple challenge cards. A pack of 50 cards with questions and hints to come up with dare ideas. Cash in some kisses for romantic play. 
  6. Hoya Plant: Even if your girlfriend is not a plant person, she will love a potted hoya plant in her living space. It’s a heart-shaped succulent plant easy to care and maintain. And, unlike the bouquet of roses, it will last longer if taken proper care. 
  7. Cupcake Bouquet: Not every bouquet is beautiful; some are sweet as well. Spoil her with love and chocolate cupcakes, because even chocolate is love to her. Get the cupcakes arranged in a bouquet form. Go with personalised cupcakes or chocolates with cupcakes, making it an assorted gift. 
  8. DIY Chocolate Truffle Kit: Chocolates as a gift is always better. Take the chocolate experience to a whole new level with this truffle making kit. It has all the ingredients that would be needed to make delicious chocolate truffles. Couple it with a bottle of wine, and you are all set for a sweet, romantic date. 
  9. Scented Candles: Scented candles are inherently romantic. They are even more when the candle comes printed with LOVE followed by her name. Choose from soothing scents like vanilla, rose, lavender, teakwood to tickle her senses and to create the perfect vibe. 
  10. Spark Romance Matchsticks: When you have bought a gift for her, cover the gift paper with these faux spark romance matchsticks. At each matchstick, a lovely saying is written with a date night idea to keep things interesting in your relationship. 
  11. Champagne Bottle: There’s a reason why people raise a toast to lovebirds or why all romantic movies have champagne in it. A gift of a champagne bottle is a great idea to bubble romance and look like the coolest boyfriend ever. 
  12. Hugs and Kisses: Gifts are not always materialistic. Sometimes it’s the gestures that work wonders than the tokens. Give hugs and kisses, in abundance to your girlfriend, even if there is no special occasion. 

Over these gift choices, make love and romance to her. These ideas are for making her feel pampered at the same time, taking your relationship to the next level.