Make His Heart Go Woo Woo With These Birthday Surprise Ideas

As the year starts; we all look forward to the upcoming birthdays. And, if you are married, then you eagerly wait for your husband’s birthday. Isn’t it? A husband’s birthday is always the most beautiful day for a wife. It doesn’t matter whether it’s his first or 50th after the marriage, there is something special about it which is probably missing from the birthdays of all the dearest ones. When the day means so much, it should be celebrated in such an extraordinary appeal. So, make your hubby’s heart go woo woo with these surprise ideas. 

  1. Present Yourself As The Gift: This is a romantic birthday idea. If it’s the first birthday of your husband after marriage, then this idea will spice up things in your relationship a bit more. If it’s been years that you have been celebrating his birthday, then it will rekindle the spark again. In either way, this is a hit idea. Tie a ribbon around yourself and present to him as his birthday gift. Ask him to untie his present and you are all his for the day or night. 
  2. Make Love To Him All Day: It is his birthday and on birthdays you ought to keep him smiling and blushing. If you feel it’s too hard to please a man, then it’s not. A few love confessions and romantic expressions are all you need. Wake him up with hugs and kisses. Then, on the breakfast table, make his favourite breakfast and say I Love You. All throughout the day, send him cutely, lovely texts and emojis. At night, plan a dinner date or candlelight date at home for him. 
  3. Surprise Party in His Honour: Throw a surprise birthday party in his honour. Schedule the party for the evening as all can join after their office hours. It would be a great friends-family get-together as well. Arrange everything and just ask him to be there on time. As he walks in, it’s a surprise! You can throw a theme-party as well for more fun. 
  4. Birthday Gift and Cake: The two quintessential of every birthday is a cake and gift. You can go with this idea if your husband likes low-key parties and surprises. First of all, bake for him a heart-shaped cake and decorate it with icing. It may look imperfect, but to him, it would be perfect. Then, buy a birthday gift for husband like a personalised gift, travel accessories, grooming baskets, gadgets, or anything that he likes. As the clock strikes midnight, along with your kids or other family members barge into his room singing the birthday song with the cake. Have a cake cutting ceremony and give him gifts and lots of love. 
  5. Take Him Out: On his birthday, turn the tables. Instead of him, be his chauffeur and drive him around. We bet husbands just like to have a day off from their driving duties. Even your husband secretly wishes for this. Take him for shopping, spa, salon, and then for a lunch date. You can enjoy a movie or spend time at a museum, amusement park, or anywhere else. A long drive to a romantic spot is not a bad idea. 
  6. Try Some Activities With Him: If he is the sporty or adventurous soul, then the best birthday surprise would be taking part in such activities. There are many picnic spots that offer you with such adventurous activities like mountain climbing, ziplining, bungee jumping. Then, Rishikesh, Nepal, McLeodGanj are few places known for their thrilling activities. Enjoy these with him on his birthday. Book surprise tickets. 
  7. Be With Him: Lastly, by whatever means you try to please him or surprise him, be with him for the day. Do not leave his sight. Try to pamper him every second of his birthday. Treat him, give him hugs, give him gifts, surprise him with your gesture. In the rundown, spend the day with him fruitfully and lovingly. 

For a wife, husband’s birthday is no less than a festival. For her, it is the year’s greatest celebration. The celebration of love and making him feel like a king. These ideas will surely work their charm and do wonders for you and him.