Fiber Optic Internet – How Can Your Business Benefit From It?

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  • Understanding Fiber Optic Internet
  • How Can Your Business Take Advantage of Fiber Internet
  • Who Is Providing The Best Fiber Internet Services? 
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Fiber optic internet, sometimes also referred to as only “Fiber internet”, has become the talk of the town these days. It is one of the recent tech advancements that has just made our lives much easier. We all cannot deny our need for a stable, faster and greater capacity internet connection. 

Compared to the conventional use of copper cables for data transfer, fiber cables do the job a lot more faster and for longer distances. This type of internet connection has to offer a handful of benefits and advantages to businesses, particularly online businesses. But as we see around us, even physical businesses with huge, fancy physical stores are now giving immense importance to their digital operations, and the reasons are pretty obvious. Nothing seems reliable if they are not found online!

So, whether you are a small startup or a full-scale business, fiber internet has several advantages to offer to you. 

Understanding Fiber Optic Internet

Let’s get a little technical and detailed. Understanding how fiber optics work will allow you to understand how it is also a much wiser choice of internet for your business. 

Fiber internet uses optical fiber cables, which are said to be thinner than human hair! But their thinness does not stop them from being efficient and rather excellent at data transfer, so don’t misjudge!

These thing cables consists of a core, which is made of a thin glass and is the inner-most part of the cable. Working in conjunction with this is the cladding, which is made up of a thicker plastic or glass. The inclusion of glass or reflective plastic in these cables allows these cables to work on the basis of a phenomena called total internal reflection. 

The thin glass in the core of the cables allows light or laser pulse to travel extremely fast, while the plastic or thicker glass on the outer layer prevents any light from dispersing; hence, preventing decrease in speed or loss of data. 

How Can Your Business Take Advantage of Fiber Internet

  • Uninterrupted, reliable internet

Copper wires are vulnerable to bad weather conditions and fluctuations in electricity, which is why servers going down or slow internet speeds are a common occurrence in copper connections. For this reason, fiber internet stands out with its reliable and consistent internet signals. For businesses, this consistency is of great value. This is especially true for online businesses that rely on internet to connect to their customers. So, whether it is for collecting order or answering your customer’s queries, bad internet can always leave a bad impression on customers.

Greater bandwidth, more connections

Since businesses cannot rely on just one system for managing all operations and tasks, there are usually a number of devices connected to one internet connection. If your case is the same, you will understand how difficult it is to have several devices running at the same time and not having fast enough internet. Fiber internet has a greater bandwidth, allowing more connection to run at a time without affecting tspeed. 

  • Cloud computing

Cloud computing is now a necessity for most businesses. This includes three main services, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. If your business model relies on cloud computing for web or app development, storage purposes, operations management or anything else, then fiber internet will be the best choice for you. Cloud computing services depend hugely on the quality and consistency of your internet service. It requires greater bandwidth, faster download and upload speeds, and requires uninterrupted internet connection as well. Hence, fiber internet can make your cloud computing tasks much more convenient. 

  • Better privacy

We all know that hackers are a great threat these days considering the amount of data we trust our IoT devices with. Too much of our sensitive information is transmitted via internet connections 24/7. The way fiber internet cables work, data loss is a much less likelier occurrence, compared to copper cables. The thin yet advanced optical cables transmit data at a speed of light, and also prevent hackers from tapping the cables like they could in case of copper connections. 

In fact, fiber internet is also a lot more safer when transmitting data over longer distances. Cable internet can lose data quality when transmitting data at longer distances, but this is not the case with fiber internet. To be specific, fiber cables have the capability to transfer data up to 25 miles. Meanwhile, copper cables can transfer data up to 10,000 feet. The difference is significant. 

As a business, you will have lots of valuable data, either about your own company or about your customers that will need protection. With a strong and reliable fiber internet network, privacy will be a much lesser of a concern for you. 

  • Reduced latency

Since fiber optic networks rely upon the transmission of signals by light, the speed of transfer of data from one point to another is a lot faster. So, while this is a great news for online gamers and for Netflix streamers, reduced latency is also advantageous for businesses. With reduced latency, downloading and uploading of heavy files will be much more time-efficient. Meanwhile, it will also make video-conferencing quality better. 

Who Is Providing The Best Fiber Internet Services?

Intrigued by the benefits of fiber internet to your business? Here are a few providers that offer fiber services. 


AT&T plans come with several benefits such as no annual contract, reward cards and 99% reliability. Whether you are running a full-scale business or a home-based online business, AT&T affordable fiber internet packages will be of great value to you. AT&T has a bunch of bundles and plans for businesses. But as a home-based business owner, you can also check out AT&T home internet plans. 

Wrapping it up

If you are not sure if fiber internet is the way to go, a simple speed test of regular internet and fiber internet will help you understand the difference. Fiber optic internet has many more applications and advantages other than its uses for businesses. It is an efficient choice of network for streaming, gaming, and video conferencing purposes. However, as a business owner, you must realize how important it is to have a secure, consistent and fast internet at your service. Hence, it is a wise choice to opt for a reliable service provider. 


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