Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about knee replacement

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about knee replacement
Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about knee replacement

A knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which a diseased or damaged knee joint is replaced with an artificial joint. It is also commonly known as knee arthroscopy. Though it is a common procedure, there are several questions that remain in a patient’s mind regarding knee arthroscopy. In this article, Dr Debashish Chanda, the best knee specialist in Gurgaon, answers some of the frequently asked questions about this surgery. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Knee Replacement 

  1. How to take care of surgical incision?

The surgical incision or the site of knee surgery should be kept clean. You should avoid touching it unnecessarily. However, you should notice the incision every day and watch out for changes or concerns. You should not shave the surgical area or put any kind of unprescribed lotion on it. 

2. When can I take a bath or shower?

Your surgical incisions will be most likely stapled, stitched or sewed back. You can cover the incisions with a plastic sheet and take a bath when your body allows you to. You should confirm with your doctor if taking a bath is right for you or not. 

3.  What are the complications of surgery?

Like most surgeries, knee replacement is not exempt from complications. Some of the most common complications associated with this surgery include blood clotting, bone fracture, the possibility of infection, loosening of implants, damage to tissues or nerves. 

4. Which exercises should I do for my knee post-surgery?

There are multiple types of exercises after knee replacement. The correct exercise depends upon your overall age and health. Your surgeon would instruct you to take physical therapy from a verified professional. You can also visit the CK Birla Hospital, the best orthopedic hospital in Gurgaon for physiotherapy assistance. 

5. How long does the artificial joint last?

Medical science has made enormous progress. The artificial joints used in knee replacement have extended longevity. However, several factors contribute to how long the joints will last. These factors are the age and weight of the patient along with physical activity done by the patient. In younger adults, surgeons use the implants which are made to last for several years. It is because young people engage in increased physical activity. Thereby, the chances of the implant being worn down increases considerably. 

6. Will I still feel pain after knee replacement?

The objective of knee replacement surgery is to help alleviate the pain. If a patient suffers from knee even after the surgery, it should be a cause of concern. In most cases, patients experience pain post-surgery when they go through a complication during the procedure. Some of the common knee replacement complications include blood clots, infection, adhesion of the implant with the inner skin, loosening of the implant and damage to the nearby nerves or tissues. 

7. How long does the recovery take?

Since every individual is unique, their recovery time is also different. A large number of patients who have knee replacement surgery begin to recover after about 4-6 weeks. You should visit your surgeon for regular follow-ups to estimate your recovery period. 

8. Is knee replacement surgery painful?

Knee replacement surgery is an invasive procedure. You can expect to feel some amount of pain and discomfort. However, your surgeon will offer you anaesthesia to numb the pain so that the surgery can be carried out smoothly. 

9. What is the right age for surgery?

Anyone can through a knee replacement surgery. However, the average age for the surgery is considered between 50-70 years. 

10. Will knee replacement be repeated?

A revision of knee arthroscopy is a rare phenomenon. It may be required in cases where the knee implant has completely worn out or some other complication has occurred. 

Knee arthroscopy has high success rates if performed by a verified surgeon. Dr Debashish Chanda, a well-known knee specialist in Gurgaon is among the best surgeons for knee replacement. 

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