Why am I so Tired After Working Out?

Workout is done so that the body can become physically fit and strong. But when you workout, you use up energy in the body. As a result of the energy used up, you become tired, exhausted and may even feel sleepy after the workout. 

Five Reasons Why You May Feel Tired And Sleepy After A Workout

There are different reasons why you may feel tired and sleepy after a workout and they include:

  1. You Overstress Your Body

You may get tired and feel sleepy after a workout because you overstress your body. The intensity of your workout determines the level of energy that will be expended. And as long as too much energy is expended, you become feeble and feel sleepy after the workout.

  1. You Take The Wrong Diet

Feeling tired and sleepy after a workout may be as a result of taking the wrong diet. The food you take determines how strong and well you will feel afterward.

  1. You Take Little Water. 

One of the essential uses of water in the body is hydration. If you don’t take enough water, you become easily dehydrated even after a short period of workout. And as soon as you become dehydrated, you can become faint and need to sleep after the workout to regain strength. 

  1. Result Of A Medical Condition 

Some medical conditions may be the cause for your tiredness and restlessness. Ailments such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis and other related ailments might be the cause. 

  1. The Time Of The Workout

The time you do your workout also determines why you may feel tired and sleepy afterward. For instance, if you workout in the evening after your day job, there’s a greater possibility of becoming very exhausted and sleepy after the workout.

5 Ways to Reduce Stress And Get A Better Sleep

You can reduce stress and get a better sleep through the following:

  1. Drink Enough Water 

Taking enough water prevents dryness. Make sure you take enough before and after your workout. Water is really essential to maintain stability and hydration in your body. 

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Make sure you get enough sleep. Don’t deprive yourself of sleep when you ought to because of work or study. If you do, you might end up getting too tired to workout or do anything throughout the whole day. 

  1. Eat Balanced Diet

Nutritious foods help to build up the body and replenish used energy up. Make sure you eat foods that are nutritious. Follow the proper direction of foods to be eaten before and after a workout so that you don’t cause a havoc to your body.

  1. Study Your Body

You don’t have to copy others in their workout, rather, study your body and its demands. If you plan to workout for 1 hour and you’re already exhausted in 20 minutes, don’t force yourself, take rest, regain strength, identify the cause and fix it. 

  1. Use of weighted blankets

You can use a weighted blanket because it is believed to help reduce stress and promote good healthy sleep habits. It helps a lot in reducing tension, inability to sleep and lots more.


Working out is very good for the body but, if after you’ve observed the points mentioned above, yet you still feel unnecessarily tired and sleepy after you work out, you need to consult your doctor.