Where should you hunt for jobs? Top cities to find great work opportunities in India

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Where should you hunt for jobs? Top cities to find great work opportunities in India

Now that you’ve announced your graduation on social media and got dozens of messages wishing you success for the future, it’s time to start thinking about that future. You know, the big adventure that involves finding the job of your dreams, at hopefully, the company of your dreams? And of course, you’d love to kickstart your career in a big city so that you can have the best of opportunities, without compromising on comfort and style. So where should you go? Which city will offer you the best work-life balance, promising salary growth and endless opportunities? Should you go for a small town with a lower cost of living and maybe equal opportunities, or a dense metropolis with bigger payoffs? Well, while there are as many cities as your dreams, we present to you some of the best ones that should be on top of your consideration list:


Better known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is a prime hub for graduates hoping to become MNC professionals or wanting to kick-start their entrepreneurial journey. Home to the best IT companies in India, the place offers a  bustling cosmopolitan culture, innovative career opportunities and a vibrant and progressive community of people . If you’re looking for a place to stay, Bangalore also has a wide variety of PGs and hostels  across the city which suit most pockets. And if you want the very best for your money, we would recommend checking out professional accommodation providers like Stanza Living who are redefining lifestyle options in the city. When you are listing the best of this city, you can definitely not miss talking about the food. The local food here is delicious and affordable – you can enjoy a breakfast of idli, dosa and pesarattu for under Rs 30! But if you want something different, you also have many global cuisine options to choose from in the city. And the best thing about living in Bangalore is definitely the weather, it’s truly superb all year round.


Thee “City of Nizams”, Hyderabad is a fascinating city which is famous for its never-say-die attitude, booming IT sector and biryani (though, not in that particular order)! It is considered one of the safest cities in the country, making it ideal for a fresher moving here for the first time. You’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of career opportunities since many big government institutions like DRDO, BHEL, Indian Air Force Academy and other research centres have made their base over here. Just like Bangalore, this is another city with plenty of housing options readily available. Don’t forget to sample the cuisine, it’s sure to blow your mind (and taste buds). With a tropical climate, Hyderabad has pretty mild temperature but things can get searing in the summer with a burst of abundant sunshine. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen. 


If you’re waiting to find your dream job, how can you ignore the city of dreams? The financial capital of India, Mumbai is the largest city in the country brimming with life, a diverse metropolitan culture, and pulsating entrepreneurial spirit. From Bollywood to BSE, there’s no shortage of opportunity in this city. But let’s not forget, Mumbai is one of the places that ranks on the higher end of the cost of living in India scale. So your wallet might feel the pinch in this city.. Resting on the Arabian Sea coast, the climate in Mumbai is humid pretty much all year round. But we assure you, it’s worth dealing with the endless rains for the chance to run into (or turn into) one of  Bollywood’s biggest stars.


Yes, you’re starting your career but that’s no reason that your life has to become all work and no play. That’s why we suggest looking at Chennai, home to the largest urban beach in India and the cultural centre of South India. The city is overflowing with modern amenities and is among the top destinations for the country’s IT professionals. With job opportunities galore, Chennai is a hotspot for young migrants about to launch their careers. Life is comfortable in this city, with affordable housing, top notch food and lifestyle options. But keep in mind the equatorial climate, and be prepared to beat the heat. Thankfully, Chennai’s got a bunch of beaches for you to kick back and relax at and enjoy some delicious seafood delicacies, after you nail those job interviews.

New Delhi

India’s capital city and the second most populated one  in the country, life in Delhi is a roller coaster ride. The city is a hub for political drama, has the best educational institutes, and many of the country’s most prestigious industries. Not to mention, an awesome public transport network – the  Delhi metro is one of the most efficient metro services in the world. It’s easy to find housing as a newcomer to this city since it already caters to a large migrant student population. You’ll never run out of weekend plans after a busy week at the office, what with the many monuments and tourist attractions across the city. Just remember that Delhi’s weather is all about survival of the fittest, with temperatures reaching over 40°C in summer and dipping near-zero in December and January.

And with that, we wrap up  our guide to some of the best cities to live and work in India if you’re about to start your career. We think you deserve the best of job opportunities, comfort and entertainment, and these cities will definitely be able to provide that to you. So go ahead, pack your bags and revise your resumes. Your dream job is waiting for you.