All about lip crayon

Makeup is not complete without applying lipstick. Lipstick is a favorite cosmetic of many women. Lipstick is seen in many types and shades; however, it must be applied correctly with the right color for the right occasion. As new inventions keep coming up now and then, lipstick is also seen in the form of a lip crayon.

A lip crayon is in the form of lipstick or a tinted balm that comes in crayon form. Lip crayons are also available in many forms, formulas, and finishes like glossy, metallic, matte, etc. Many leading brands are available for a lip crayon, and you can also try the faces Canada lip crayon to get a perfect look on your lips.

Lip crayon, indeed, sounds like lipstick. But then what is the difference between lip crayon and lipstick?

  • Lips crayon is more accurate, easier to use, and fool-proof. With lip crayon you can get a lot of precision and be done with the lip colour quickly. Lip crayon’s pointed tip allows you to easily place lines on your lips and fill your lips as opposed to the lipstick pencilwhere you require a lip liner to place line.
  • Lip crayon is mess-free and allows you to apply perfectly without the need to include more product. Lip crayons disperse less product and hence make it mess-free and give a perfect look.
  • As lip crayons are more precise and easier to apply, it is more efficient than lipstick pencil.All you need is just to twist the crayon, line your lips and fill them. You are done.

Lip crayon needs to be used in the right way to get the right result. Let us see a few tips on the ways to use a lip crayon.

  • As a first step, you need to exfoliate and moisturize your lips. To exfoliate your lips, follow the quick steps:
    1. Apply lip scrub on your lips till you have a fair amount of scrub on your lips.
    2. Make use of your finger tips to massage the scrub and go in circular motion gently. You can also rub your lips together to rid of dead skin.
    3. Let it rest for a while so that your lips get hydrated.
    4. Use tissue paper or a damp cloth to remove the lip scrub.
    5. Now your lips are ready for applying lipstick.

To moisturize your lips, use a lip balm, and you are good to go.

  • As a next step, take your lip crayon and line your lips using its pointed tip. This step acts as a lip liner. It gives shape to your lips.
  • Once you have lined up your lips, you need to fill them up. For this step, hold the crayon’s angled edge tip against your lips to fill the crayon on your lips.
  • Now, you are done with lipstick using lip crayon.

It is just as easy as it is. You can swap your lipstick with lip crayon for the following reasons:

All about lip crayon
All about lip crayon 


  • Lip crayons offer the same color as the lipstick. All colours available in lipstick is available with lip crayons as well.
  • Lip crayons are easy to apply, and less chance of smudging. So, you do not have to worry about smudging and cleaning it up later.
  • Lip crayon has a dual role of being a lip liner and lipstick, thereby giving a subtle finish on your lips.
  • Lip crayons actually moisturize your lips as well. Most of the lip crayons available in the market are enriched with moisturizing ingredients that actually acts as a conditioner on your lips.

Finally, lip crayons act as an excellent base for your lip gloss. Lip crayons have an excellent staying power, meaning that it stays for long hours on your lips without getting smudged. It also creates a great based for your lip gloss. In case you require a sheer or a satin finish on your lips, first apply a thin layer of lip crayon and then add lip gloss on top of it. Thus, you are out with a fair and great look on your lips that sta