How Hotels Use PPC Ads to Increase Reservation?

How Hotels Use PPC Ads to Increase Reservation?
How Hotels Use PPC Ads to Increase Reservation?

If you work in hotel marketing, you must have a PPC campaign (also known as paid search, SEM, or search engine marketing) ready to go at any time.In case you’re wondering why it is important to run a paid search for your hotel, this article will answer all your questions. 

PPC is a way to quickly get your marketing messages in front of people who are likely to be interested in your deals. We’ll go through some of the ways hotels can use paid search to get more people to their website and increase reservations.

6 Strategies to Use PPC to Increase Hotel Bookings 

PPC is a perfect tool to market your hotel. Here are six ways you can market your hotel through PPC ads.

  • Special offers must be promoted to attract visitors, but it is too difficult to get a high ranking for organic results. 

Some keywords are hard to rank for, even after picking the best SEO program. For instance, if you host an annual festival, it would be perfect if you get bookings from people who are looking for details about the case.

However, obtaining quality placements in the organic search results for event-related phrases might not be possible as a quality Search Engine Optimization program takes time. This is when bidding and gaining attention by PPC ads on event-related phrases can be achieved for a limited period prior to and during the event.

  • You must promote when there is a big number of vacancies 

Many hotels will experience a period where there are a large number of vacancies for different reasons. It is a good time to invest in PPC. You will then appear when people are searching for a place to stay in. 

You’ll only be charged if people click on your ad. It is now the time to increase your investment and reduce the number of vacancies if your reservations are being converted. 

  • Last-minute bookings must be promoted (availability for a one night for only AED 288)

It is like the previous situation but on a less immediate scale. Targeting a paid search campaign for booking that night is a great way to fill up rooms. On the other hand, targeting mobile devices is a smart idea, as travelers are able to use their phones easily rather than using their laptops. 

  • Speaking directly to the targeted segmented audience

It is not easy to target the right audience for them to receive the message you want to put across with digital marketing. However, when using PPC, you will have the chance to market different segments, 

Including time of day, the device they’re using, and geography. This vital info will help you target exactly the people you want to get your message delivered to. This will eventually lower your cost because only relevant people will see your ad and there is also a chance of getting more conversions.

  • Remarketing the previous guests to your website (segment by age, sex, parental status) 

Previous guests of your hotel are can be your future prospects as well. You may target people who have reserved a room and contacted you through your website, visited your website, or similar websites with a remarketing campaign.

This is known as remarketing, and it is quite effective because people who have visited your hotel have a higher chance of visiting again. That is why you need to keep them updated about your latest offers and deals.

  • Strong visibility must be gained in SERPs when there is a growth in organic positioning 

Organic rivalry can be fierce at times. Even in small markets, we find this to be relevant for hotels. If you’re just getting started with SEO for your website, it’ll probably take some time before you see results from the search engines.However, when using PPC, the smallest hotels are equal to the larger ones. 

They could also be able to pay less for a click in a better location than the larger chains if they create a high-quality PPC campaign.Do you want someone to help you with your Hotel’s PPC? PRISM, the best PPC agency in Dubai has got you covered.

Would you like us to assist you in launching a PPC campaign for your hotel? Have a look at your Google Ads campaign and let us know what you think. PRISM, a PPC management service in Dubai is happy to help and guide you along with your future objectives and goals. 

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