Social Media Predictions for 2022

Social media has grown to become a primary tool for businesses and brands alike. It is being used widely by anyone and everyone. With increased popularity comes increased competition and that is why the companies are finding it hard to make the best of it. Brands are looking for newer ways to get ahead of the competition because everyone is following the same pattern and the one who makes bold decisions while thinking outside the box is surely going to win. 

This post is all about the trends that are going to grow in the coming years and it will give you insights so you can be prepared for what’s to come. You’ll understand the pulse of it and then you can plan your strategy accordingly. 

Social Selling Will Grow

We all agree that everyone uses social media, practically everyone. Marketers have sensed it and it is now turning out to be a great selling platform and not just a marketing tool leading clients to other sites. This will almost eradicate traditional sales pitches and cold calling. 

Using Social Media will allow you to gather reports, keep your customers updated with your latest services, and sell your services by portraying them in the most attractive way possible. It has been seen that customers are happier and show more loyalty when they are being replied to on social media. 

Make sure to be on top of social selling because the customers are more knowledgeable than ever these days and they need information, as much as possible, about the product or service they are buying and we know that there is no other platform than social media to deliver valuable information attractively.

Influencers Marketing will Grow

If you don’t understand the reason why influencers are so effective, here is some food for thought. In the last few years, people have been skeptical about Social Media and especially in terms of user privacy. Facebook users have shown their mistrust in the platform so much so that Facebook had to regulate their process strictly. 

This mistrust has decreased the value of celebrity endorsements and TV Ads because simply put, people don’t trust these platforms. Surveys show that teenagers relate to YouTubers more than TV celebrities. People relate more to those who look like them, live like them, and social media influencers are generally more transparent about their lives, not all of course. 

This makes them an effective asset for brands to endorse their products and services. Every known brand using influencers and this trend is seeping down to people smaller brands as well. Influences Marketing will continue to grow and you should explore this aspect more to expand your customer base. 

User-Generated Content

Newer and creative ways are being used by marketers and one of those ways is to leverage user-generated content. This is a smart way to use your existing customers and create content through that. It is beneficial because people can relate to the general public more.

You can portray user’s reviews, engage with clients in comments on your posts, ask clients to use your hashtags, or even challenges using your brand name. These are some of the creative ways that companies are using to engage customers and generate content using their existing clients.This pays off quite well in the long run and this trend is going to grow exponentially in the near future.

Strategic Posting

Most of the companies just post on social media without any plan or strategy behind it. What it does is that it takes away the effectiveness of posting. Having no plan of action and random posting on Social Media is a thing of the past. 

Companies are more sophisticated in terms of social posting and they are strategizing it to maximize the output. One quick tip is to use the 5:3:2 rule. This means that out of 10 posts, 5 should be from outer sources, 3 should be official posts and 2 should be fun and touchy. This is something that is being devised after careful consideration and companies are following this rule. 

Moreover, understand the type of content that you are posting and then choose the relevant platforms wisely. One simple example can be Instagram. You cannot post Text-heavy content on Instagram and think of getting maximum value. So, strategies your Social Media Posting, give a thought to it. Create a schedule and implement it accordingly. Strategic Posting is going to be a necessity in the near future so you should learn it now. 

Exclusivity to Drive Sales

It is understandable that people get pulled by exclusivity. The fear of not being able to have something is what drives people crazy and this is what marketers know. Creating scarcity drives sales in what companies have been doing for quite some time now.

Social Media is no different as well and that is why you need to know how to create exclusivity. One way to do this is to create secret groups and pages that customers can only access if they fulfill certain criteria, may some number of purchases. This is just one example and you have to find creative ways to create a sense of exclusivity. This trend is sure to grow and you should be on top of it

You should understand that simpler Social Media strategies are not going to bring in optimum results and more and more trends will keep on coming. That is why you have to be on your toes to make use of every possible tool. Be creative in your approach and you’ll definitely reap the rewards.