Importance of Courier Services in India

Courier services are part and parcel of businesses these days. Mainly e-commerce businesses can not survive a single day without the help of a reliable courier company. We always need a trusted third-party courier service provider, every time we think about sending a parcel from one place to the other. The Courier industry in India has improved remarkably and now they offer a wide variety of courier services across the nation. The Courier industry has now spread its wings across the globe which helps people to send international deliveries easily. The services provided by different courier companies can vary in terms of speed, efficiency, and cost. 

As there are a large number of courier companies in India, it might be difficult to decide which courier company will be the best for us. While choosing a courier company for our business and personal needs, one should always keep in mind the features of courier companies they would like to avail. People often tend to get attracted to the courier companies that offer the cheapest courier charges. This is not a correct approach, it is important to check whether the courier company will provide the required quality of courier services required according to the business requirements.

In the earlier days, it was quite troublesome to send the couriers and it used to take many days to get the couriers to deliver. Courier companies have made it possible even to get the parcels delivered to the destination within 24 hours. International deliveries can also be done within a few days. International courier service helps in sending all kinds of products to New Zealand and other countries, the only condition is that it should be allowed by the law of land. The courier service providers provide a break up of the courier charges from India to New Zealand. The main factor behind this remarkable improvement in courier services is the competition. There is tough competition in the shipping industry and thus to get and retain more customers, courier companies have to maintain the quality along with keeping the courier charges reasonable.

People wonder how the courier charges are calculated as each courier is a different type of parcel. Courier charges are mainly based on the 3 factors mentioned below:

  1. Size of the parcel: Courier charges are impacted by the size or volume of the parcel. Larger boxes take more space while shipping, thus the courier charges increase with the increase in the size of the parcel.
  2. Weight of the parcel: It is the main factor impacting the courier charges. We must have come across a scenario in our life when we visited the courier company’s office and they weighed the parcel before telling us the courier charges. This is a standard practice followed by all companies across the nation. It is possible that the cost charged per kilogram is different by each courier company. Courier charges are directly proportional to the weight of the parcel.
  3. Distance: Courier charges depend on the distance between the origin and the destination. This is because if the distance is large, transportation cost increases.

It is the responsibility of courier companies to carefully deliver the products to the destination without any damage. Courier companies provide the option of insurance of the packages so that if the products get damaged while they are on the way, customers can claim compensation equal to the value of the product. Courier companies are experienced and reliable, so there are very rare scenarios that the products get damaged or misplaced during the shipping process. They also pack the products in a way that they are not damaged while on the way.