What is the Mingtang in Feng Shui?

In all Chinese dynasties will build “Ming Hall”, is a kind of ritual building, many people do not know, in fact, in feng shui also has Ming Hall, Ming Hall in feng shui has a special significance.
So, what is the Ming Hall in Feng Shui? Let’s take a look with me!

What is the Ming Tang in Feng Shui?

The so-called Mingtang, is the point before the water gathering exchange place, to know the point, the first thing to understand and know what is called Mingtang. Mingtang is divided into small Mingtang, medium Mingtang, large Mingtang, Mingtang among the most important is the medium Mingtang, in Mingtang is auspicious, this point can be set large, small Mingtang also beautiful, this point more auspicious. However, in general, all three kinds of Mingtang beauty is rarely seen, but we should keep in mind that the success or failure of the acupuncture point, mainly determined by the middle Mingtang.

1, small mingtang: where there are nest, pincer, breast, sudden four point shape, in the point around a slightly lower lot, when it rains, there is water diversion from top to bottom to the left and right, intersecting in the lower part of the point right in the middle, this is the small mingtang.

2、Middle Mingtang: refers to the tomb a little farther in front of the cave, there is a green dragon, white tiger mountain surrounded by the two branches of the dragon and tiger mountain flow meeting place.

3、Daimingtang: It is the place where the water flows together in the case mountain.

4、Mingtang shape: the shape of the Mingtang should pay attention to the complete flexure, loop, high and low, smooth on all sides, low nest in the middle. Flat net and high around. This is on the auspicious Ming Hall, horizontal to horizontal good, straight to straight good, square to square good, also belong to the auspicious Ming Hall.

5, mingtang auspicious identification: where the mountain potential comes slowly, flat knot point, dragon and tiger ring case near, it is on the mingtang, in the mingtang is best ground flat nest pliers, neat shape not too wide, and not too narrow, complete. If there is water to clear, clear, deep, such as gongs, such as the bottom of the pot, which is on the auspicious Ming Hall. Wind mountain potential comes quickly, hanging down the knot point, the front case is far from the theory of the great Ming Hall. Outside the Mingtang, must not be narrow on both sides of the width, four sides of the mountain to surround, blockade, no vacancies, Mingtang like a piece of paper, Mingtang through the walking horse, for the top auspicious Mingtang. If there are pits in the Ming Hall, mounds of earth, piles of rocks, blockage, the four sides of the mountain collapse lack, boundary water is unknown, the inner Ming Hall is too wide, the outer Ming Hall is too narrow, evil rocks stand, round peak within the hold, and the foot of the mountain shooting Hall, tilt collapse trap building, pavilions, are inauspicious signs.

6, rich hall: round: such as the heart of the plate, the Lord’s children and grandchildren virtuous and intelligent. Square: such as the chessboard, the main enjoy a long and long-lasting wealth. Horizontal: such as even the case, the Lord’s children and grandchildren loyalty. Hold: like a belt around, the Lord’s children and grandchildren filial piety. Long: like a wat, the Lord is honored. Flat: like a mat, the Lord is gentle and supple. Wide: Those who are large and accommodating are rich. Abundance: Those who are wide and able to attend, the master is prosperous and the offspring are prolific. Progress: Those who shine inside, the owner will have a source of wealth. Zhou: Those who are closed and dense, the owner of the land and property. Spirit: Golden rooster, jade dog should be the two main clear and noble. Different: there are big stones, big trees, the main rich and expensive.

7, murder Mingtang. Yi: appropriate to go without return, the Lord broke the political loss of wealth. Qu: curved genus if the alarm snake, the master away from the wealth scattered. Interjection: side high side low, pouring flow more than one, the main strangulation of men and women. Void: water mouth wind to the person, the loss of gas depletion yuan. Wild: the main evil decay of those who are indifferent and unpacked. Scattered: like the back of the turtle, the main retreat. Partial: Half big and half small, the main blessing. Uneven food and wealth. Broken: Half concave and half convex, the main death. Street: water rushing field without response, the main failure quickly. Wrap: water wrapped around but with the criminal killers, the main defeat and extinction. Backward: backward and backward tend to, the Lord because of the Yin people broke money, ghosts and monsters haunting the body.

Oblique: to the front does not greet, the main lawsuit, litigation defeat. Urgent: before and after the imminent narrow person, the main death, loss of Ding. Weeping: the flowing spring dripping, the main lingering illness, perennial bedridden. Leakage: water into the cave and not full, the main natural disaster death. Robbery: Evil rocks like swords and weapons, the main gunshot wound, offending the law and death. Sickness: If the earth is like a dead body, the main plague, fire injury to the fetus. Against: back like a bow slightly, the main violation of disobedience, disobedience, financial ruin. Prison: around the deep knowledge of the bottom of the well, the main lonely and poor to commit prison, people perish.