A Guide to Home Services Reputation Management

Two things play a vital role in your business’s digital presence, search engine rankings and your online reputation. The majority of customers trust a product that has positive reviews. To capture more customers, it is high time to strategize on effective home services reputation management with results-oriented solutions. It is not enough to just build a website or social media page and wait for customers to write reviews, that’s if they find your website. You need to plan a careful, solid management project that builds a relationship with your customers and establishes your credibility.

Exerting more time, money and effort in providing the best customer experiences increases the likelihood of getting more positive reviews. Establishing a solid relationship with your loyal clients does not happen overnight. You have to show them you value them by valuing their opinion. There are review or reputation management services you can use to build a robust client base.

Evaluating Your Online Image

The first step in developing your online reputation management plan is to evaluate your online image. Keeping and staying on track with your positive image is an essential part of your strategy. It is a consistent practice for you to remain vigilant because a bit of neglect can harm you. Keep in mind that while it takes time to build a positive image, it can also take an instant to destroy it.

Start by searching your brand name and some keywords and see what comes up in the search results. After that, go over the reviews, identify the most common or pressing issues, the extent of damage, source (reviews, news, or posts) and accuracy. Through that, you can evaluate if positive reviews cut through the bad ones and the kind of social media or online presence your business has. Try to note which platforms your customers come from.

Once these have been answered, you would be ready to put together your home services reputation management strategy. Start with the obvious; look for issues you can correct or improve immediately. Check your interaction with your customers, are you engaged or out of touch? Think of how you can best collect feedbacks, how you can bury negative ones and address serious issues directly. You can tackle these through SEO tactics, feedback strategies and content marketing. You should be willing to make changes if necessary.

Improving Your Reputation with Customer Relationships

In reputation management, the more customer reviews, the better. Start asking more from it, as a survey reported that 77% of customers are willing to write a review when asked. By getting more reviews, the good ones can drown the inaccurate negative feedbacks. A sufficient quantity of feedbacks is also helpful in identifying problem areas. Make sure your customer will find it easy to leave a review. You can make it a part of the payment process or integrated into your POS system.

Once you acquire the number of feedbacks you target, make sure you know how to respond to them accordingly. The best way to respond to negative feedback is to respond. Never ignore. Simply know how to respond. This is your chance to take negative reviews around. Make it your goal to turn critics into customers. This also shows other customers how you care and value them. Develop genuine support and take responsibility. Reply also to those who leave positive reviews so they will know you are listening and that you care about customer experience. The plan does not end with replying. Consider the feedback an indication of a real problem that should be corrected. This is your chance to serve your customers better and grow your business. Always take reviews as a learning experience.

Working on Your Home Services Reputation Management Plan

Not all feedbacks are accurate, so you would want to address something that is not accurate first. Tackle all issues head-on but determine if a complaint is justifiable. If it is a blog post that can mislead customers, you can reach out to the site owner to remove the content. You do not have to tolerate unfair and misleading defamation. Make sure to act on something untrue about your business.

Effective Search Engine Optimization is important if you want to bury the negative reviews with positive feedback. You can do it through link building, social media or content marketing, and more. Create or claim listings so that you can get alerts whenever a person leaves a review. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook and top review sites are among the most common sources of reviews. Focus and own valuable keywords. You can accomplish much of your SEO efforts with high-quality content. Remember to be proactive in your online reputation management. Provide fresh, meaningful and informative pictures, videos and copies. Some experts recommend highlighting good reviews. You can try linking to these reviews or sites for people to see.

Every home service is different, whether you have a weak or strong review portfolio, you can always start somewhere. Improvement may take time and how quickly you can see results may take time depending on several circumstances. At times, you might need to do some dramatic changes for faster results. It all depends on your commitment. Once you have established a strong positive reputation, you do not just rest on your laurels. You keep such an image on track by having fresh, relevant reviews and monitoring negative feedback.


Do not be tempted to do lousy tactics such as ignoring bad reviews, bribing review sites or using spam techniques for they will not do any good. You should always start with providing good customer service. Carrying out the mentioned techniques can let you start attracting new customers and recover a negative reputation. Invest in tools and professional services for your home services reputation management. The objective is to raise awareness about your brand in a positive light, earn loyal customers and debunk unreasonable negative feedback. Doing all these is easier said than done but some experts can help you out.