Best Looks To Wear For Eid 2021

Eid for Muslims is usually the best time for us. Although I spend half the time worrying about what to wear while the other half is used up to walk lengths through those market lanes in search of the perfect Eid clothing. This shopaholic aura is at its peak among my fellow friends too. I know right? Those matching dresses we get stitched just for this particular event, then wearing them is the best feeling we go through twice a year. As every year the trend changes and so does our taste of choices with it, I would always recommend giving it a go after searching for relevant fashion information.

So the only precise question that pops every time in our minds, what is going to suit me? And how can I be creative with my look this season? Exactly, everyone knows the answer “Google”! So always look at what is trending, but also consider the fact “what actually will suit you”.This is the most important concern for the youth because we don’t want to mess up our image during these days.

Custom or Ready To Wear? What to go for this Eid?

Unstitched clothing is the best solution if you are willing to go for something you want to create yourself for this day. I mostly like to wear soft fabrics, because it is easy to carry them during the summers. Prints play a major part in unstitched clothes. You can actually grab those printed trousers and match them with dyed, plain, or embroidered shirts or vice versa. Just following trends can affect your look. Sometimes it’s like whatever you see the other person wearing in style, could look dull on you. So always take time out to know which prints will go with the best trending styles.

You definitely wouldn’t like it all plain, because if I were to wear completely white, people would consider me a ghost in a crowd. Meanwhile, if I chose to contrast a ready-to-wear, plain white chikankari shirt with some colored trousers or printed plazo cum culotts, a printed or dyed dupatta would bring out the real charm there. The same goes for the Eid dress, you should know which color to buy, keeping your skin tone and the prints in mind.

Seasonal Fabrics can vary according to the season that is going on, Summers Pakistani lawn suits are extremely practical for today’s working-class women and also young girls. Women use all kinds of lawn fabrics with amazing prints, which are collaborated with stunning beads, laces, gems, and artwork to realize the ideas from their thoughts. The end result is indeed breathtaking.

PRET – Is it really a limit to our choices?

Then again, if I look into pret, which is the ready-to-wear clothing, I personally feel at ease, for not shopping out that late, to go through the trouble of finding the perfect match. We get stitched shirts in fabrics like Jacquard and Lawn which can be in printed, embroidered and embellished form. You can match those up with cambric plain trousers and those plain dyed or designer heavy dupattas, to complete the entire look for the Eid day. Well, there are many things one can end up buying while searching in pret.

However, embroidered collection can sum up as a solution to almost all of the ladies, to get the pleasure of cutting down on frequent trips to the tailors –which I hate the most- thus reducing the amount of effort required to achieve that flawless look. Embroidered shirts, 2Pc suits and 3Pc suits would solve the hassle to mix and match or run here and there for the picture-perfect look, whereas you can get the whole array from good brands unstitched and Pret collection.

Eid dresses online shopping – hassle-free?

Unstitched lawn suits have a soothing effect this season, because of the colors, designs, and techniques. They will keep you cool during the scorching heat dayson this event that brings such blessed tidings. This reminds me that we need to shop! But how to stay safe? Isn’t that a big question nowadays? During this pandemic period, I would suggest shopping online. Many brands are offering services and their products online, which saves us the bother of visiting the stores physically. This makes things so convenient for finding that perfect match. One good advantage of buying Unstitched dresses online is that the final size of the dress can never be wrong.

Social distancing – staying safe that matters!

So you should grab your favorites as soon as possible before you have to limit your choices. Visit the online stores of various brands to practice social distancing and fulfill your shopping desires by staying safe at home. Find your Pakistani Eid dresses online and make that purchase to have an amazing Eid day this year. Well, you know what you need to do now, soI wish you Happy Eid celebrations this year!