Capsule Wardrobe – How Well It Works For You

Have you ever had one of those days where you stood in front of your wardrobe and felt that you had absolutely nothing to wear, even though there is no space left in your wardrobe it’s so full of ready to wear clothing! If that has happened to you then capsule wardrobe is definitely a concept you would like to explore.

Here I am going to tell you everything you need to know about capsule wardrobes and what suits you depending on your lifestyle.

These are days of “fast and plenty” ready to wear fashion. So many lines and so many designs being spewed out every month. It is very easy to jam-pack your closet with pieces that you would probably not even get a chance to wear at all. Horrific thought, isn’t it? What if I told you that you can do more with less?How easy life would be then especially when there is a budget constraint and you spend all that time to put a look together and it doesn’t really work.

So, what’s the hype all about

Simply put a capsule wardrobe or a capsule closet is a limited no of clothes and shoes that you have which can be mixed and matched with each other and used in multiple looks. This idea has been around since the 70’s and was first put forward by a London boutique owner Susie Faux.

The very basic idea is to invest in ready-made dresses and key pieces that go well with each other to create numerous different looks.

More with Less

How many pieces of clothing and shoes should be in a capsule wardrobe? Do you ask? Well, there is no right or wrong answer to that question and it varies from person to person. Ideally, that depends on you and your personality.

The official recommended no would be 33-37 items, but a capsule wardrobe could be defined differently too. It’s more about making sure you have everything that you need in your closet and believe me it is quite possible not to go overboard with that. You could work with a lot of neutrals in the white and black range, the darker solid colour range and of course the beige and the nudes. So, whether you have 30 or 100 pieces in your closet, it is all really up to you.

At the end of the day, all the pieces in your capsule wardrobe should be pieces that you are simply in love with. And that includes shirts, tops, bags, shoes, trendy bottoms and accessories.

How many capsule wardrobes can you possibly have?

Yes, you can have more than one capsule wardrobe, surprise surprise. You can decide to have an overall capsule or several smaller ones. You can have a separate one for work and a separate one for formal. Either your work and loungewear could be the same or you could have a smaller more limited casual capsule. But in all honesty, I would recommend two overall wardrobes one for each season, too many smaller ones also tend to pile up the clothes that we are avoiding stacking up in the first place.

Let’s put it together

Ok so now on to actually putting the capsule together. There are a few simple rules that you must keep in mind while doing so.

Sort and Try everything on:

Start with what you have and then move on to buying new stuff. While sorting through your existing clothes or starting from scratch and buying them off the racks, always try them on. These are pieces that you are going to be wearing, well almost all the time so make sure they fit well and look well too. Find the right neckline design and the right silhouette is important since everybody’s body shape is different so find something that flatter’s your style and select the winner.

Choose muted colours

Remember you are making a foundation that you will build upon. Colours and designs are trendsetters and end updating your clothes. You want to make sure that your capsule pieces are timeless, so keep the colours down to neutrals as they should never go out of style. Especially for bottoms stick to nude and white bottoms, also black and blue bottoms go with virtually everything.

Invest in high-quality pieces

Remember the pieces in your capsule wardrobe should not go out of style for at least 5 years, so make sure they are of high quality, since you will be wearing them again and again the idea is not to constantly replace low-quality items. And believe me when you find a winner it is worth the splurge.

Yes, do be careful with budgeting the trendier pieces, things that are there to layer on to your base pieces and save your money for those amazing capsule essentials including high-quality shoes and bags.

So remember to stick to base colours, preferably solid or geometrical designs, women’s ready to wear, trendy bottoms with timeless cuts, tote bags and heeled pumps. This is your capsule foundation and you can keep adding seasonal separates to it.