Evening Desert Safari – Maximal Adventure in a Single Shot

desert safari Dubai

Do you keep the wanderlust of moving from place to place? If yes, then Dubai is a place that must be on your bucket list. The gulf city is covered with natural as well as synthetic oomph. Getting attracted to which we were also there and guess what made us awestruck the most??? The city’s national conservation reserve! Yes, we went to the desert safari Dubai accompanied by super cooperative Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. We opted for an evening itinerary and were amazed by the heartwarming hospitality of the hosts.

Not only our tour operators, but the natives also accord a warm welcome. So, here are the highlights of what we experienced on an evening desert safari in Dubai.

Why Is an Evening Desert Safari Recommended by Many?

1.   Reaching the Dunes

So the tour begins with a quick pick up from the picking spot. Either from the rental or home, via a 4×4 car. We were picked up by the driver provided by Happy Adventures Tourism. As we. had already heard, the driver was skilled who took us to the dune with a smooth drive and made sure we were comfortable throughout.

You can also choose to go to the dunes via bus service or by driving yourself to the dunes. In that case, you’ll be provided with free parking space if you choose the Happy Adventures Tourism itinerary. An evening tour to Dubai dunes is a minimum of four hours and could be extended depending upon your tour package.

2.   Desert Camping

Get the true vibe of wandering like a nomad by staying in the desert camps. We were escorted by the welcoming hosts of Happy Adventures Tourism to those traditionally themed camps. The camps reflect a dramatic ambience because of the Arabian culture based embellishments. The campsites represent vivid colours of the UAE on the barrenness.

Whether you choose to take the amenities of the private Bedouin camps or pitch your own, you’ll experience the delight like never before.

3.   Dune Bashing -An Amazing Sand Activity

Dune bashing is for adventure freaks. For those who love to embrace peril. Dune bashing takes place in a 4×4 SUV that manoeuvres on the submerging sand surface. We bashed the sloppy dune dunes in a hummer, under the savvy guidance of Happy Adventures Tourism tour guides. You can take pleasure dune bashing in a Landcruiser, dune buggy, or a wrangler as well. These terrain SUVs are equipped with safety kits in which you can hit the slanted dunes for as short as 15 minutes.

An evening desert safari in Dubai is known for its enthralling sand sports like quad biking, sand skiing, dune bashing. Out of these, dune bashing is the most popular one.

4.   Henna Artistry and Falcon Show

Being in the nomadic region of the UAE means you get a chance to see its culture from a closer perspective. The preserved tradition of Arabia can be seen in the brighter tones at the campsite of the desert safari. Many tourists prefer Delta Airlines Flight Booking to travel to Dubai. The beautiful henna artistry attracts women and kids. Tanoura dresses and headscarves are enchantments for men. 

Then there is the falcon show which amazes everyone as it’s the heritage hunting method of Arabs. Shoot the stunning manoeuvres of falcons in your camera as a souvenir of the vital Arabian culture.

5.   The Spectacular Live Shows

Live entertainment of an evening desert safari is popular among tourists. Enjoy tasteful snacks and traditional Arabian beverages along with sparkling dance performances. Tanura dance is the famous mystic dance of the Arabian tradition. In this, the dancers mesmerize everyone with their spinning moves in colourful cloaks.

Belly dancers are also there whose belly moves are super ravishing when they dance over Arabian beats. Moreover, there is a fire show, Zumba, stickman show, and many more artistic moves to witness.

6.   Dunes in Transitions

The sunset at the dunes is never ordinary. Imagine the orange hues drowning the whole wilderness of Dubai in its cantaloupe. Mesmerizing right? If you love capturing nature and admire its beauty, the barren Dubai is a perfect paradise for you.

 The sand ripples seem fluorescent red when the sun bids farewell. This scenic view is a picturesque landscape that attracts many nature lovers and photographers to the vicinity of the dunes.


Witnessing the barrenness of Dubai at its highest delicacy awakes a mystic in you. Desert safari in Dubai is the ultimate spell for every second traveller. Because this place is a perfect sightseeing station, a hub to cultural insights, and keeps an enticing arena for the madcaps. Count yourself lucky if you get an expedition team like Happy Adventures Tourism. So fulfilling your wanderlust requires the majestic dunes of Dubai to be your next stopover!