Top Document Scanner and Barcode Scanning SDK for all Your Scanning Needs

Are you looking for a document scanner and barcode scanning SDK? You have reached the right place. As more and more organizations are going digital, and the use of mobile phones is only increasing by the day, image capture SDKs become crucial. Here, we will introduce you to the best document capture and barcode scanning SDKs. 

Dynamic Web TWAIN: Document Scanner for Web Applications

Dynamic Web TWAIN is a robust browser-based document scanner SDK that is specially designed for web applications. You can quickly develop applications to scan multiple documents in all web browsers by using just a few lines of JavaScript code. The document scanner SDK is trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Lockheed Martin, Fujifilm, etc. 

Exciting features of Dynamic Web TWAIN 

Below are some exciting features that give Dynamic Web TWAIN the edge over others in the market. Please take a look. 

Dynamic Web TWAIN allows users to scan thousands of documents in one session, saving a lot of time and effort. 

  • The document scanner supports various image editing features such as crop, rotate, contrast, mirror, brightness, etc. 
  • All the files can be exported and uploaded in different file formats and transfer protocols. 
  • The 64-bit service is also available to tackle extensive data with better performance. 
  • Easy integration, simple end-user distribution, and a host of robust security features allow developers to integrate document scanning capability in their web applications easily. 

Try the 30-day free trial today to explore all features of this document scanner SDK on your own. 

Dynamic .NET TWAIN: Document Scanner for .NET Desktop Applications 

Dynamic .NET TWAIN is a document scanning and webcam capture SDK for WPF applications and WinForms. It is based on the TWAIN and DirectShow standards. Its simple and efficient scanning capabilities have made it chosen by Winnebago County, SuneroDoc, Eurorealm, and many other leading names across the globe. 

Exciting Features of Dynamic .NET TWAIN 

Here are some noteworthy features of this document scanner SDK. 

  • The SDK works well with any TWAIN-compliant device such as scanners to digitize documents. All UVC-compliant devices can be used to capture snapshots from live video streams. 
  • It supports all formats such as JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, and multiple-page TIFF. 
  • This document scanner is compatible with DirectShow. 
  • You can save and upload images to any local disk, web server, FTP site, or database. 
  • Its quick-to-implement APIs make the development process easier and faster. 

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK (DBR): Barcode Scanning SDK for Web, Mobile & Desktop Applications 

Barcode technology has always been there, and it is here to stay. It is used in retail, warehousing, inventory, and to automate several processes. However, using handheld scanners can prove to be costly and not suitable for reading different barcode symbologies. Hence, barcode reader SDKs become a better option as they provide more customizability, better recognition speed, and better efficiency. And Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK is trusted by leading organizations such as the German Red Cross, Avision, Vault Heath, Millennial Vision, Inc., and many others. 

Exciting Features of DBR: Dynamsoft’s Barcode Scanning SDK 

Take a look at some of the most exciting features of DBR, Dynamsoft’s Barcode Scanning SDK

  • It supports a wide variety of 1D, 2D barcodes, including GS1 DataBar, Postal Codes, Patch Codes, and GS1 Composite Codes. 
  • The APIs of this barcode scanning SDK can be used to integrate barcode reading functionality into desktop, web, and mobile apps. 
  • It scans barcodes from images, PDFs, and live video streams. 
  • The Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK performs barcode scanning at a speed of 500+ per minute. 

Try the online demo or download the 30-day free trial to discover more about this barcode scanner SDK. 

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