Data Visualization Software Holds a Key to Successful Business

Data Visualization Software

Every picture tells a story and this has inspired me to write a blog on the same. As a decision-maker, you always prefer to consume information in an easy-to-digest format. For many of us, it may seem a battle to present data and convey complex information easily.  Data visualization software helps your business to tell the story you have been trying too hard to depict from excel sheets, charts, or graphs. It helps your business analyze what’s happening in your business, for what and why. 

So as a business owner how many times have you felt the need of having insights handy at the moment you want? Multiple times. Right? The battle starts if you are juggling with multiple systems or relying on legacy software for data analysis. How can you lay informed decisions in a complex driven environment when it is needed the most? Can excel provide you the upfront information you can showcase to your stakeholders or even your peers? All these tools have their limitations but one such tool that we know ranks higher than all. Tableau is one of the best data visualization tools that has been rated high by Gartner for its exceptional performance and for various reasons.

Our Brain is Programmed for Visualization

Should you need to analyze data to track yearly sales performance? Do you need insights handy for top 5 customers bringing major revenues? Or do you need to dive deeper to look into metrics of the sudden surge in sales? Whatever may be the reason, you can rely on one of the best BI tools in the market. It uncovers hidden insights on the fly and helps you make critical decisions even on the move without any technical complexity. So, even if you worry you are not from a technical background you need not have to fret. There is a Tableau tool that helps you unearth hidden insights and patterns within complex data without relying on a data scientist.

How amazing is it? So the next time you are going to make decisions based on instincts or guesswork, just think of software that can guide you to the next steps and spend less time performing data analysis.  

There are different types of data visualization which are given below

  1. Area Chart
  2. Histograms
  3. Bubble chart
  4. Cartogram
  5. Circle View
  6. Gantt Chart
  7. HeatMap
  8. Bar Chart
  9. Bullet Graph
  10. Wedge Stack Graph
  11. Word Cloud 

And so much more. 

So, from these types of Tableau data visualization software, one thing is clear, our eyes are immediately drawn to colors and patterns. So, it becomes easier to rest your analysis and identify from colors and distinguish patterns and shapes. The human brain can process information easier when seen visually than any other medium. Let’s take the example of examining a retail outlet chain whose sales are faltering once and now. It can be easier to illustrate it with graphics and use heat maps or any other medium. Tableau as a data visualization tool can communicate information faster than your legacy software or excel sheets.  

It’s hard to think about any business that can not benefit from data visualization software.  Unlike an excel sheet, which presents a static graphical representation, Tableau dashboard conveys meaningful and real-time information and pulls out complex data points directly from large data sets. An interactive dashboard makes it easy for everyone to sort, filter, and drill down deeper to gain actionable insights. Tableau Software is an indispensable tool enabling businesses to spot trends which were somewhere hidden under the carpet. From Pharma companies to automotive to insurance companies, data visualization software helps business users see the full picture of their business data.   

To simply put, Data visualisation tools are an awesome sales tool. Advances in technology have caused us to perceive data in an interesting way. What we once saw as dull and mundane, seems captivating and beautiful.