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The temporary fame of supply chain management 

The pandemic has raised the bar for online retail. It has highlighted the importance of  supply chain management that brings goods to our doorstep.investors have started to pour trust in the supply chain after the lockdown. As the lockdown caused borders to close which caused the supply chain to gain  limelight. Starting from delivering PPE kits, medical equipment, groceries, vaccines, had surged in e-commerce deliveries bringing a temporary fame to supply chain management. 

The segment of logistics and supply chain have added jobs during the crisis. It provides the HR practitioner to enhance employee engagement with an initiative towards the intensive competition for the blue collared  employees. As the demand for supply chain talent lacked by the ratio of 9:1 as per the survey conducted by DHL in the year 2017. The result has however worsened with time. Recruitment and retention in this sector has undoubtedly been a huge challenge.

Employee engagement in the above mentioned situation had to be redefined. As the market has become more competitive trends such as digitization and sustainability. It has influenced both the workplace and mindset of potential candidates. HR has started to intensify effort in creating a more efficient approach for employee engagement. 


People first

Organizations offering strandized global services across customers in various markets. The people first culture focuses on frontline employees, who are responsible for delivering essentials form the centre. The initiative of connecting people, the organizations have invested considerable effort to engage employees in catering feedbacks both formal and informal, which will connect employees working in various sectors. 

Employee engagement software empowers the employees to submit transparent feedback that highlight hurdles faced by the frontline employees in delivering essential services. 

It is easy to plan the smooth functioning of employees but the real struggle is faced by the employees working upfront. The initiative of a transparent platform for feedback that allows employees to point out the changes have increased the employee engagement rate with a spike. 



Any frontline services would not have been a reality without digital support. Pandemic has taught lessons the hard way. Digitization of each service and deployment of supply chain workers is a challenging task. It increases the need for digital applications to have a friendly user interface. Digitization has been a pillar. Digital applications have assisted the employee to plan cross team collaboration, activities beyond assigned roles. It encourages employees to communicate with the team and plan for betterment of the organization. AI has assisted in creating a safe environment for the frontline employees along with providing a well enhanced platform for the backend employees to reach people in need all across the globe. 



Sustainability has taken a backseat as the pandemic hit the high road. Yet it is essential to be prepared for the upcoming unannounced crisis. The organizations can plan proactive measures for the frontline employees during lockdown. Implementations of rules and regulations for employees who get infected from covid at this stage.The number of employees working on the field and providing the required equipment to continue functioning. 

These are a few pointers that help the HR team to engage employees working on the field. The frontline employees working for deliveries often race against time. The reason behind this is the competitive market. But with a healthy planned approach such competitions can be moulded in the positive direction to motivate the employees.