7 Logo Design Trends to Watch Out in 2020 For Rapid Growth


When concentrating on prime factors in building your business foundation, partaking logo design might not seem like a high priority task. Something from the back of your mind might suggest not spearheading towards logo design though the importance of it is of utmost importance. The logo is an essential part of making a brand successful, creating optimistic vibes and enabling users to go ahead in purchasing products and services.

Consequently, the logo is something that represents your business personality and is the initiation point of embellishing brand and conveys business mission statement. The following are top logo design trends that would help you to stand out in 2020.

  1. Attention-Grabbing
    Due to the limited attention span of consumers, firms have only a couple of seconds to convince the audience about their products and that they are worth considering. A logo can rapidly achieve this goal, gathering user’s attention & communicate a business fundamental values & statement of purpose. Firms heavily invest their time and money into creating an effective logo design, providing high-quality logo design services keeping in mind the first impression is the last impression to impress and grasp the audience accordingly.
  2. Strong First Impression
    A logo is the first invitation for users towards any firm. A well-designed logo can be quite interesting for potential customers and prospects to learn and be cautious about your company but it isn’t able to do consequently, could lead to reduced conversion rates and losing out on competition respectively. The initial impression is a direct technique to define ownership of your products to sell in the niche market. Moreover, this makes it increasingly important for firms to design a creative and effective logo, being inclined towards creating brand recognition and an online presence as well.
  3. Memorable
    Logos symbolize your brand value that customers use to recognize your brand. Any firm would want potential customers to feel connected to your brand through sight, emotions with the memory of what the organizations offer. An aesthetically pleasing design doesn’t ensure people would remember it but on the contrary, firms are more inclined towards creating designs through minimalism to trigger optimistic vibes about your brand and not only the company itself. The audience is likely to forget your business if not paid enough attention to even the minutest details such as typography, color scheme, and relevant shapes to create timeless and minimalistic designs.
  4. Distinct Design
    Establishing a unique selling point can be a daunting task due to the existence of aggressive competition. Uniqueness is such that helps you leap forward in the competition, such that sets someone apart from others. An effective logo design can communicate everything from a business core values to its elongated details of products and services that it offers. Every part of logo design needs to represent its own story, making it interesting to users to help create a sense of purpose, inspiration and a role model to follow. For instance, Apple with its famous bitten apple logo clearly depicts multiple optimistic meanings for creating products simple yet powerful.
  5. Ensures Brand Loyalty
    As your brand flourishes, the logo is going to be more popular a diverse list of potential customers or prospects. Not every customer sticks to a specific platform towards acquiring information; rather he spends time on multiple platforms such as social networking applications, e-commerce websites and others making it imperative for firms to create a perception that enables confidence, trustworthy and accessible. Ensuring brand loyalty is essential for firms in the long run for customers to allow repetitive purchases and seek out to you again and again, where the logo is the first glance of any firm.
  6. Result-Oriented Design
    The nature of every business is distinct in many ways. For instance, some might be in the technological sector, education, healthcare, and many others. This inclines firms to pay close attention to their digital marketing strategy, by targeting the pertinent target audience. Indeed, many design elements play a huge and important role in producing effective logos but choosing the appropriate logo design for your logo is vital. For example, targeting a luxury brand audience would require the use of appropriate colorful color pallets in logo components since it drives them into excitement to use that product. Whereas, targeting healthcare conscious people would use green practices ensuring cleanliness, eco-friendly products.
  7. Versatile Characteristics
    Not any firm will want to stick to one platform to promote brand recognition and value. Your logo needs to properly display on every communication medium without losing its image density. For instance, it must be completely possible to resize, stretched without pixelating, using the vector format. Even the best looking designs lose their credibility if not structured out correctly. Without the overuse to elements will not only maintain simplicity but also will be a better fit across all mediums.

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