Features of a Wikipedia content


Creating a Wikipedia content is not a simple conduct, although the content itself is written in a simple way but the rules and regulations that are incorporated in the Wikipedia policy requires keen understanding of the required structure of the content. Wikipedia is an open encyclopedia where the platform do not have any writing team that manages all the pages and posts but instead it allows and provide wiki accounts to every logged in person so that they can upload thrive content by themselves. However, it allows general people to upload their content but that content should be written in a particular manner that obeys the wiki content policy. You need to learn about how to create a Wikipedia page before knowing the features of the content as getting a page is the primary purpose and after that you are required to create respective content.

Simple vocab

The vocabs that are used in a Wikipedia content should be simple and easy as no one would want to get on another Wikipedia page to understand the terminology you have incorporated in your content.


Although Wikipedia pages are the great source of branding but still you are not allowed to use promotional content in your Wikipedia pages. The policy of Wikipedia highly prohibit the implementation of promotional conducts over wiki pages and will discard your content if this element will be found in it.

Easy to understand

The content posted over wiki pages should be easy and understandable by everyone. Even a lay should be able to understand your content over Wikipedia. This page is created to make people know about the subject and because of this it is highly recommended that you should not be focusing over creating complex and technical content but instead it should be simple and straightforward.


The posted or written information over a Wikipedia page should be authentic. Authenticity is considered as a primary need of a wiki content. To increase the essence of authenticity of a wiki page the writers are suggested to cites any online resource so that readers can counter check the correctness and actuality if t encoded data.


The content should be original over a Wikipedia page. It means you cannot copy/paste the content from anywhere. Plus, there should be no plagiarism in the content. Originality cannot be compromised in any case and if a content is determined to be the one that has plagiarized chunks in it then it will be discarded within no time further.


Every presented information should be cited properly. This increases the authenticity of the text. Also, citations lead the readers to do further researches as per their requirements and need. The core purpose of the citations is to generate a chain of research material that claims the authenticity of the subject and due to these citations a text can be distinguished as the one that most authentic and accurate one.

Reference list

As the entire content of the Wikipedia page is cited and referenced with the other valuable internet resources thus a list of references in the last is also added to the post you upload. The purpose of this reference list to provide more sites of the subject and additional information for further researcher to the readers and researchers.

The basic aim of the Wikipedia content is to provide the basic yet detailed information of the subject to the readers which can never be done if you use complex terms and difficult vocabularies. A properly paraphrased informational content is the key requirement and expected quality of a wiki page from the start. Wikipedia is not for promotion and marketing even though it provides route to content marketing but you can only achieve this target if you do the conduct indirectly.

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