Why Coloured Contact Lenses Are So Great & Advantageous


When you coloured contact lenses to enhance your facial appearance and wonderfully enhance your eye colour then the next party or event cannot come any sooner. They are the perfect fashion tool available to us right now. Yeah, makeup and hairstyling are important of course but if you really want to go a step ahead of the rest, then you have got to use the mesmereyez coloured contact lenses.
So if you are new to using coloured contact lenses or have never tried them on before, this is the perfect time to get flashy. There is no need and time to be skeptical and afraid, coloured contact lenses are the best. You just need to read the benefits that we are going to list down below.

Benefits of Coloured Contact Lenses

Enhance Your Eye Colour Or Completely Change It

There is no better way to enhancing your appearance than with the use of coloured contact lenses. These accessories are amazingly affordable and their ability to beautify us is the best. With these items you can effectively enhance your eye colour or completely change it at will. The best thing is that you will still look perfectly natural.

Every coloured contact lenses have a coloured tint on them that has different lines, patterns and colour shades. This is just like the patterns on the iris of our eye. Once you wear these lenses, the lines and patterns blend in perfectly with the iris. This produces the wonderful colours in your eyes. But make sure you get the right colour for your eyes.
These lenses add more depth to your eye colour and define the edges that makes you look so beautiful yet natural that no one can figure out what is so glamorous about you.

Many men alongside women are using the special coloured contact lenses to get beautiful. Well, nothing wrong then trying to get more beautiful. It is just wonderful to use coloured contact lenses and be more a confident version of yourself.

Use Coloured Contact Lenses As Prescription Lenses Too

Those who are using contact lenses for prescription must be feeling left behind. They must be wondering that they cannot use coloured contact lenses to get fashionable. But, that is not the case anymore, you have coloured contact lenses available that can be used for prescription purposes. Yeah, that is right, now anyone can get beautiful with coloured contact lenses just like that.
If you are confused as to how they will work, you should know that the coloured lenses have a free middle zone so that you can watch freely. So while you are correcting your vision you can also decorate your eye colour to look amazing and be part of the latest fashion trends.

Cover Eye Injuries With Coloured Contact Lenses

Other great thing about coloured contact lenses is that they can be used to cover your eyes if there is scar or trauma present on the iris.
With the use of opaque tints you can completely cover your eyes and change the eye colour. With that your eye injury will hide behind the coloured lenses and you can look amazing as ever.
That is one of the great benefits of using coloured contact lenses.

There Are Different Amazing Coloured Tints

You must be wondering what an opaque tint, as mentioned above is. Well, it is one of the types of coloured tint that is used to make coloured contact lenses. You guessed it right, there are not one but three different types of coloured tints to choose from. Let us discuss them in detail.
• First of all there is a “visibility tint”, these are rarely used for fashion purposes for the fact that they cannot provide any effect to our eyes. They just have a faint colour so that we can spot them.
• Then we come to the second type of coloured tint, the “enhancement tints“. These tints have a translucent tint on them. This way they allow some of the natural eye colour to be visible. Because of this you need to find the right colours in the lenses so that it will blend in perfectly with the natural eye colour. That is why they are called enhancement tints, they amazingly enhance the eye colour.
• Lastly we have the “opaque tints.” Coloured contact lenses with opaque tints are also called solid tints. They cover the iris completely and hide the natural eye colour changing the eye colour. Perfect for someone wanting to go out with a more bold look.

One thing you should know is that enhancement tints are better suited to people with light coloured eyes, as they are translucent darker eyes will be more visible through the lens and the effect won’t be much visible. With opaque lenses, they can be used on any type of eye colour, dark or lighter. They will just change the eye colour. So make sure you are choosing the right colour depending on your eye colour, skin tone and hair colour. Everything matters.

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