Why We Use Ruby on Rails Development: Points You Should Know


It doesn’t matter if you just a beginner or a pro in the web development industry when it comes to learning something new that will be helpful for you. And Ruby on Rail or Rail is amazing to learn on that note. Though it is mentioned with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, it is quite different which has a lot to offer than just being another programming language.

There are a lot of features that are offered by Ruby and hence this framework is widely accepted and used by different language users such as CSS, JavaScript or even Django development company. This framework provides developers with a very efficient time-saving method for writing codes.

There are two principal rules for this framework, that are Don’t Repeat Yourself also known as DRY and Convention Over Configuration.

Don’t Repeat Yourself Or DRY: Don’t Repeat Yourself is a process of software development that says you to avoid repeating the same thing over and over. The principle says “Every piece of knowledge must have a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system.” Simply, when you avoid using the same information repeatedly, your code turns easy maintainable, extensive and reduce the bugs.

Convention Over Configuration: For commercial purposes, it is always necessary for the MVP working application to build and ready as soon as possible. Ruby on Rails makes it easier for the developers with its default settings that limit the basic configuration in a great way.

Here in this article, we will be discussing why one should use Ruby on Rails as their frameworks. 

It Is A Web Application Framework

RoR is not exactly similar to Ruby. This framework is a compilation of shortcuts that are written on Ruby that lets the developers create a web application in a faster and better way. When you learn a framework before its operating language, you learn faster and even get to apply your knowledge on a real site that will let you know how effective the things will be for your desired work.

RoR Is A Full-Stack

While a developer is working on Ruby on Rails, they will be able to develop the entire application i.e. both front-end and back-end applications without relying on someone else to develop the other part. At the same time, when you learn Ruby on Rails you are also learning bits of HTML/CSS, Ruby and JavaScript.

So Using this framework for your Ruby on Rails web development company will really make the work easier for the developers.

RoR Has A Robust Community

Ruby on Rail has a community that is extremely active of both online and offline. They have various conferences, meetups planned on major cities and also with online forums such as Stack Overflow, you can easily communicate with Ruby developers to reach out who can solve your queries.

Tolerant of Mistakes

When you are completely new to a language, you tend to commit more mistakes than ever. But with other languages, even with the minor error while coding, the entire coding tends to break. But the case is not at all same when it comes to Ruby.

Ruby Is Used by The Biggest Websites in World

There are website toppers who use this framework. From the users, a few are as such, Square, Shopify, SendGrid, Hulu, Good Reads, Airbnb, etc.

Job Opportunity

It is not like Ruby has a huge demand in the market that can surpass others. When it comes to the web development market, Java, PHP, and Python developers are highly on-demand with lots of job opportunities. But when it comes to Ruby on Rail development, here the developers are quite hard to find creating a wide opportunity for the beginners.

Ruby Makes Your Work Easier

When it comes to Ruby on Rails, this framework makes your work a lot easier. Here while you are using RoR you do not require to learn SQL to use a database on this application.

Ruby on Rail can easily understand your intent and can work on that way itself unless you command it to perform differently. With Ruby on Rails, the other benefit is, it treats a third-party code well and also keeps it updating. It also provides you security from any troubles such as SQL injection, XSS or cross-site scripting, session hacking and so on.

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